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Patterns for saddles and branches

PIPE PATTERNS speeds the fabrication of pipe.
Also useful for sheet metal duct work, insulation sheathing, tank fabrication.

Easy to use:

  • Designed to be used by the field craftsman with no experience in computers.
  • The paper itself is used for layout - wrap it around the pipe, mark through the paper with a center punch, and throw the pattern away.
  • Input and display is in either fractions or decimals.

Includes four basic patterns types:

  1. making compound elbows of any radius and two or more pieces
  2. saddling to a run at any angle or offset.
  3. saddling to a commercially manufactured smooth radius elbow with offsets in two directions.
  4. mitering pipe ends for butting to place or flat surfaces for forming dogleg bends.

    Note that patterns produces the corresponding hole patterns for applicable pattern types, even for saddling to elbows.

PIPE PATTERNS also produces listings of dimensions for laying out directly on pipe or other patterns making materials.

Patterns are accurate to within industry standards of + or - 1/8 inch.

Hardware requirements:

  • Requires no special hardware - PIPE PATTERNS runs under DOS from any XT, AT, or better.
  • 256K of memory.
  • Dot-matrix printer required for patterns - listing can be made on any printer.
  • Wide carriage recommended.

Software requirements:

  • DOS version 2.1 or greater.

Please Note: An error has cropped up in this program due to a new
release of the MS compiler. The hole patters seem to be breaking
and, due to lack of interest, I haven't taken the time to fix it.
Let me know if the issue arrises.

Please Note: This program does not run under Microsoft Windows 3.x.
It has been run in a DOS session in Win95, but I don't recomend it.
It should be run on a true DOS system.

Click here To download the program in pkzip format. This is only 75k, so its faster to download but you have to unzip it at the other end.

Click here to download the exe file. About 150K.

If your using Netscape, hold the shift key while clicking to download.

I'll be posting the documentation when I get the time. The program is very easy to use and few folks have ever read the docs, so I don't consider it pressing.

For more information contact:

Tom Redfern
23015 Edmonds Way
Apt A43
Edmonds WA 98020
Phone:(425) 778-5320

MD5 sums for the pipe program:

PP.EXE: 6f219e0c2fff94af45cd8fcc683693f8

PP.ZIP: 190219d642e17ab29236404b7a64cfda

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